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Lewis County Republican Party

As the Secretary of the Lewis County Republican Party, I am pleased to inform you of the endorsement of the Lewis County Republican Party as voted by a majority of the assembled Precinct Committee Officers on September 10th.

The endorsement is memorialized in the attached minutes of that meeting.

We wish you all success in November.

Washington State Farm Bureau PAC
September 20, 2012

Dear Clint,

It is our pleasure, on behalf of the Washington State Farm Bureau PAC Board of Trustees, to inform you that you have received our endorsement for the 2012 General Election.

This decision by the Farm Bureau PAC Board of Trustees was based on the recommendations of the affected county Farm Bureau chapters and their Candidate Evaluation Committees.

Best wishes for success in the upcoming election!

CSRIA Endorses Clint Didier for Public Lands Commissioner

Columbia-Snake River Irrigators Association "believes that the DNR leadership must work with its agricultural lease holders and neighbors to promote all the best interests of irrigated agriculture - not just those of DNR alone."

Citizens' Alliance for Property Rights (CAPR)

CAPR King County Chapter Congratulates Clint Didier as an OUTSTANDING candidate for the position of Commissioner of Public Lands.

Spokane Home Builders

The SHBA Board of Directors is proud to announce the following Candidate Endorsement in the 2012 General Election.
Commissioner of Public Lands: Clint Didier

The Spokane Home Builders Association has made it a top priority to support qualified candidates for elective office who will best represent our community by advancing a smarter regulatory environment that grows jobs, protects private property, and promotes responsible development and land use. 

Leon Howard has endorsed Clint Didier for Public Lands Commissioner

I STRONGLY endorse Clint Didier for Public Lands Commissioner for a myriad of reasons:

  • Clint’s 3 Super Bowl appearances and 2 Super Bowl rings show his strong commitment to excellence and being the best he can be!
  • Clint is a successful farmer in southeastern Washington State and understands the difficulties in managing a business.
  • Clint is not a “politician” in any sense of the word; he is a concerned citizen who feels it is his time to serve his friends and neighbors in their best interests.
  • Clint is a consensus builder; he gets input from the People for policy – Not from “special interest” groups! This will serve him well as the Commissioner of Public Lands – We do not have that kind of thinker in the office at this time.
  • Clint is a strong family man who realizes this country was created by family and private property rights and will approach our public lands with the same passion and fervor to protect them for the People, not “special interests”!

I urge all Washingtonians to vote FOR Clint Didier as our next Commissioner of Public Lands!

Jerry Martin has endorsed Clint Didier for Public Lands Commissioner

I endorse Clint Didier for Commissioner of Public Lands, Washington State.  Clint is a constitutional conservative who will perform the functions of this office in a manner that is consistent with the Constitutions of Washington and the United States.

Clint Didier will serve the People of Washington as Commissioner of Public Lands.  The citizens of Washington can count on Clint to:

-  Restore the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to its proper role
-  Represent the interests of all the qualified staff of DNR
-  Manage the DNR staff to fully utilize their talents and skills
-  Restore timber sales for the benefit of our schools
-  Manage the forests to be less vulnerable to wild fires
-  Expand leases of state lands to private farmers and ranchers
-  Keep public lands open to recreational use, hunting, and fishing
-  Manage fire-fighting resources to improve safety and efficiency

Vote for Clint Didier, Commissioner of Public Lands

Franklin County Farm Bureau
Republicans of Island County
Gun Owners Action League of Washington
Dave and Sylvia Miller

American Christian Network
Washington Conservative Coalition
Rep Matt Shea
We Believe We Vote
Tri-Cities Tea Party
Ken Morse of the Olympia Tea-Party
Cindy Zapotocky (Former SCRCC chair)
Pastor Fruiten's picks

Clint Didier for Public Lands Commissioner
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